What are Atomic Stick Decals?

Our Atomic Stick decals feature a special permanent adhesive that bonds to any surface so strongly that even an atomic bomb wouldn’t have the strength to pull them off!

Atomic Stick decals are recommended for use with exterior surfaces, low-surface-energy plastics, rigid surfaces, and any areas that get kicked, knocked around, or abused. We have tested this permanent adhesive backing on several of the most-popular textured plastic and metal products including garbage cans, trailers, rough plastic surfaces, street signs, warning signs, and more.

Permanent Adhesive vs. "Atomic Stick" Adhesive

Decal adhesives come in many forms, and occasionally we talk to customers who have unique products that demand a stronger adhesive. In this video, we showcase the power of atomic stick.

These decals are specially formulated for those hard-to-stick and heavily textured surfaces. Not only does the Atomic Stick adhesive create an extremely strong initial bond, but the longer it stays attached with its surface, the stronger the bond becomes; without any oozing or gooey residue—even in extreme temperatures!

Our specialized adhesive can’t be found anywhere else. We’ve found a unique method to creating a stronger, thicker bond that can be added to any of the custom stickers or decals you’d like to order. Where other stickers and adhesives may fail, our Atomic Stick decals are sure to stick to the roughest, most rigid surfaces your brand and messaging need to be displayed on.

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Atomic Stick Decals

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