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Brian Shakley

Grab Attention with Floor Graphics

Are you looking for a dynamic way to display your logo in the lobby of your business?

Do you need a clever way of point trade show attendees to your booth?

Could you use some help sending shoppers toward, say, a specific sale in your store? Consider using floor graphics.

Floor graphics can be applied to a variety of surfaces, such as wood, carpet, tile, or marble, and are commonly seen at businesses, conventions, and trade shows to help direct people or draw attention to specific products.

They can be simple arrows or more detailed artwork, customized to suit your needs, and they can be removed and replaced very easily.

What Are Floor Graphics?

Floor graphics are vinyl decals made with either a removable or permanent adhesive, and typically include a thicker, rigid laminate.

Their typical lifespan ranges from one week to six months, depending on how they are used and what material is used to produce them.

There is a floor graphic solution for every budget and every imagination.

Here are some examples:





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