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Brian Shakley

Client Profile:

'Diggity' is another word for 'awesome,' and if you're looking for some awesomely unique gift ideas, you owe it to yourself to visit our friends at Perhaps you've always wanted a mustache straw. How about some bacon gumballs? And who doesn't need a giant horsehead mask?

We are honored to print DiggityGifts' family window car sticker sets, one of their most popular product lines. Their zombie family set was very popular, and they have just released a techno family set, featuring "nine unique techno social vinyl stickers representing an entire ‘plugged in’ family, from surfin' dad to texting tabby."

We love fun and creative clients with fun and creative projects, and Diggity's are always among the most fun and most creative we're asked to print. We created a steel rule die specifically for Diggity Gifts and the Techno Family. (While the die charge may add cost to the initial order, reordering becomes much easier and quicker given the fact that the die has already been created. Steel rule dies are only necessary when printing large quantities, as we typically use a digital cutter for smaller jobs.) 

Here are some shots of our (and their) work:




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