3 Car Products for Your Print Advertising

Marketing strategies in the automotive industry require and typically focus heavily on print products.

For an auto dealer looking to promote their business - whether it's a large brand or small used car dealership - high-quality advertising material is necessary to capture people's attention.

While there are obvious first reactions: large signs, flyers for handouts, and business cards, these aren't the most crucial materials for your advertising strategy.

Custom Flags for Cars

Did you know the average commuter spends 101 minutes driving per day? What if there was a way to market and advertise your business to drivers while they were on the road using print products?

We've all seen them: a thick, durable plastic rod wedged into the window of a vehicle, attached is a fabric material displaying a logo, team, or message in bright color.

Driving down the road, everyone notices these flags and the vehicle itself gets more attention from other drivers.

You might argue car flags make the roadways safer by keeping drivers alert!

If you're trying to promote your dealership during test drives, want the cars on the side of the road outside your business to be seen, or just want to creatively advertise, car window flags are a good product to try.

The design of the flag is really up to you! Any colors or graphic design tactics are possible. Regardless of how complex your business' logo is, it can be displayed proudly and effectively on these flags.

When customers are walking through your lot, wouldn't a handful of car flags help spruce up the area? Or wouldn't that tailgate be that much better with a few flags of your favorite team's name and logo?

Intelligently placed window flags are effective ways for a business to advertise and a fun way for fans to celebrate their affiliations.

Magnetic Car Flags [Toppers]


But just because you have a flag advertising product for your car doesn't mean it needs to be applied via the window.

Magnets also provide a great way to support your team or school and advertise your business using a flag.

Using a strong magnet, a flag can be "attached" to the surface of a car in a safe, durable way. The base of the magnet keeps the stand upright and the flag proudly displaying the message on it surface.

We've nicknamed these flags "Toppers" for two reasons:

  1. To help us differentiate them from our car window flags;
  2. And because the magnet sits on "top" of the surface of the vehicle.

While neither flag are meant to be applied to the car if you're going to be traveling at high speeds, please be aware that Toppers are better for larger flags and aren't ideal for use on high-speed roads.

If you want flags for daily city travel or backroads, the car window flags are probably your best bet.

On the other hand, if you have a short drive to the business or the stadium and want to shock your friends and family, a topper is right for you.

Custom Car Signs [Poppers]


Finally, another form of print advertising that involves cars and signs are what we call "Poppers."

Again, this nickname helps us differentiate this sign from the other car flags and signs, but also accurately describes the signs' three-dimensional appearance and "pops" into view.

Made for display when cars and other vehicles are stationary and not in motion, Poppers are weather resistant, easy to store or re-use, and perfect for showcasing vehicles on your lot..

If you have a fun event or auction happening in the near future, investing in custom car signs like these would likely benefit your sales and give your business a more professional appearance.

All three of these car products improve your print advertising and help you improve the success of your business.

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