Case Study

A Cost-saving Alternative to Custom Coolers


Steve Richards of Blendrich Nutrition in Wichita, Kansas recently approached us with a problem: His nutritional beverage company gets a lot of requests for samples, but the cost of having logos printed on his large beverage jugs can be pretty high. The coolers also get ragged pretty quickly after being carried and tossed around, at which point, he told us, "the cost is sunk."

Since some of his customers already own their own jugs, Steve thought that adding stickers to blank coolers could be a great, cost-effective alternative and decided to try our atomic stick decals. He applied them to two test jugs, and was impressed with the strength of the adhesive, as well as the look of the decals.

"The decals look great—actually better than if they had been painted or screened," he said. "They are thick and shiny, and the colors came out just right."

Steve was also extremely pleased with the cost savings.

"There are no current alternatives to custom printing, and that's expensive," he says. "With setup costs, shipping, and production, custom jugs are $80 to $125 each—and there is typically a 12-jug minimum. With your decals, I can purchase jugs at my local big box store for $25 and make my own. And when the jug gets ratty from rattling around in the back of the pickup or falling over at events, it can be replaced for $25 plus the cost of the decal. I think you saved me more than $1,000 over buying custom jugs, and the decals themselves were top notch."

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