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From jazz to pop, from country to classical, music is one thing that touches everyone. Your business can now be the first thing they reach for at the gym, in the office, and in the car when they’re ready to drift away or get in the zone with their favorite tunes.

Ear buds with a brand printed on the opposite end of the buds.

With six color combinations to chose from, this fully customizable exposure-boosting marketing solution features a tangle-free cord, full stereo sound, multi-size ear plugs, and even a zippered case.

And best of all – they include a built in microphone for when they’re ready to call you back and finalize the deal!

Multiple ear buds and their holders with custom brands printed on them.

Ready to rock? We can help you with these awesome ear buds as well as classic and Bluetooth headphones. Contact us today and turn your marketing reach up to 11!

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