Case Study

Celebrate with Stickers

Stickers can be used for countless things, and one of the best (and most fun) uses is for celebrating special occasions. Calvary Chapel had a unique idea for honoring moms on Mother's Day, and we were more than glad to help.

The church came up with 17 different designs, which we turned into stickers. They then set up a photo booth on Mother's Day, and encouraged their members to take photos with their families while wearing the stickers. Everyone had a blast!

Here are some of the results:

Custom sticker printer for Calvary Chapel's Mother's Day celebration that says "Moms Rock"
A mother and daughter hug. The daughter wears a sticker that says "Mom's Fav"
A young couple wear stickers that say "Mama's Boy" and "My mom is the bomb"
A couple wearing stickers that say "I love Mom" and "Mama Knows Best"

You can see the full photo album here.

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