Custom Printing: A Car Dealer’s Guide

If you're an auto dealer, I don't have to tell you how competitive your industry is. There used to be a time when traditional advertising, a talented sales force, and a quality inventory were all you needed to be successful.

But today, things are more complicated. Customers are turning to the Internet in increasing numbers to not only browse and research vehicles, but also to buy them. When potential customers do show up on your lot, chances are they already know exactly what they want. They likely do not need (or want) help from a salesperson. They want to see a vehicle, sit in it, test drive it, and then make a buying a decision. And it's up to you to make it easy for them.

While customers might not want to be bombarded by sales people, they still want and need information. Helping them help themselves empowers them and builds the level of trust they need to feel when making a significant buying decision. And an effective way to provide customers with trust-building information is through the strategic use of custom-printed graphics, decals, signage, and other items.

We've put together a list of products and tips to help you attract drivers and drive sales:

Custom Signage

Your dealership signs should be appealing and easy to read. Consider a fresh, custom logo and display it prominently as part of your branding. Also, post signage referencing your lot's web address, hours of operation, and phone number. All should be easily viewable by passing motorists.

Car Flags

Car flags create a sense of buzz from the street. They can be used to announce a variety of sales campaigns and promotions, including theme- or holiday-based events. (Think American flags for the 4th of July, for example.) Car flags can be reused, and the more colorful your flags are, the better.

Close-up of the top of a car flag

Floor Graphics

The bigger your car lot, the more help people are going to need finding the vehicles they are looking for. Not only can floor graphics serve as great navigational tools to and from different sections or departments, they can also be used to advertise special offers.


Customers shouldn't have to track down employees to find out basic information like prices, features, model year, etc. Remember: You want to build trust by providing useful information, so start with the basics.


Mirror Hangers

Like stickers, mirror hangers are an easy way to display basic information about a vehicle. They are easily visible from the front of a vehicle, and can be easily attached and removed. And like car flags, they can be reused.

Domed Decal

While many dealerships use simple vinyl decals or other materials to brand their vehicles, domed decals take dealership branding to the next level. Not only do these decals pop, but customers are less likely to remove them for their vehicles, giving your brand free exposure all over town.

Close-up of a domed decal featuring Lost Pines Toyota
Domed decals featuring Land Rover

NCR Forms

Quality forms are vital for both your internal business needs and your customers' service records. You can get to know your customers better, as well as their vehicles, by keeping good records. And the more you get to know them, the more trust you build, and the more chances for future business.

Close-up of order forms

Decals can provide you with all of these products (and more), as well as further instruction on how to best use them. Contact one of our friendly, helpful representatives today!

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