Case Study

Customer Service Is King


At GoDecals, we take customer service very seriously and do whatever it takes to keep our customers—and their customers—happy. Decals are an integral part of a company's branding, and if a company doesn't have the decals it needs when it needs them, its marketing efforts can be crippled.

One of our clients recently found themselves in such a predicament. They sent us a frantic email on a Saturday morning telling us they needed labels as soon as possible. Bart quickly called the client to find out which decals he needed, and then drove down to our plant to see if we had any in stock. We had just finished replenishing our inventory, so Bart was able to find the decals the client needed. The client was willing to fly them via Delta in order to get them on time for Monday, so Bart took them to UPS and the client received the labels and avoided having to make a late shipment to one of its customers.

If you need decals, and you need them fast, contact us today. Even if it's Saturday.

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