Ensure Your Ideas Stick in 2015

Some things in life just shouldn’t stick. There’s nothing worse than a company stuck just below their annual sales goals. Or when a board room is stuck between two drastic decisions that could heavily impact hundreds or thousands of employees and their families. As a business owner or executive, you’ve likely seen a lot of these situations play out one time or another. Whether it’s your company, a friend’s, or the one being featured in the tabloids, difficult business decisions are being made every day. Thankfully, not every decision we make is that difficult.

(Good) Ideas? Now THOSE Should Stick

But, before we get to that easy decision, I want to take a minute to talk about good ideas.

Have you ever had a really good idea while trying to fall asleep late at night? Or maybe while you’re getting ready for the day early in the morning?

Doesn’t it seem like all too often those are the ideas we somehow forget to write down and can never quite reclaim? There’s nothing more frustrating than losing a good idea, but conversely, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a good idea come to fruition.

That’s the beauty behind the work we do with clients everyday. People, large corporations, and everyone in between approach us on a daily basis asking to create something tangible from the idea they have in their head.

It takes a full staff playing very different roles to get that goal accomplished.

First, we have a sales representative - the person who takes the call - work out details with the customer and help them feel comfortable and confident the job will get done right. The representative is responsible for allcommunication with the customer, answering all of their questions, and making sure the full project scope is crystal-clear and agreed to.

Next, the job will get processed through to the graphic design team. They’ll ensure the files we receive - or create from scratch - are primed and ready for print. The quality of the product is largely determined by the file and the manner in which the design is put together, so there’s a lot of responsibility in this step, as well.

Thirdly, the files reach the back of the print shop where production will begin. Our dedicated print staff has worked together as a team for a number of years and has seen just about everything. Whether it’s a digital printer, screen printer, involves a die cut, or anything else, they’ll know exactly how to make your sticker (or other product) look fantastic.

Before any products get shipped, there are a variety of different quality checks (both internally and with the customer) to ensure everyone is happy with the work that’s been done.

This brief look into our typical production process should give you an idea of how we make your ideas stick. By using printed materials, you can better promote your business, your products, and be closer top-of-mind with your target consumers!

Finally! An Easy Business Decision

Nothing feels better than making an easy decision. When you see your large to-do list and are able to cross off a number of items quickly and easily, it’s a huge relief!

Printing isn’t always an easy decision. With technical specifications, logo or graphic design complexities, files being sent back and forth, different printing options, and so much more, getting the right print job for your product is difficult.

In fact, your company likely got stuck in the past working with large printing manufacturers that treat you like just another customer. Or maybe you tried to do business with a local “little guy” who was just in over their head with your requests.

Our business is the perfect in-between that exists to help make your printing decisions easy and simple. In 2015, and moving forward, when you need stickers, decals, and labels, I’d encourage you to give us a call.

We have worked with huge, popular brands but also proudly work with the small, local company just around the corner.

Regardless of the current printing and manufacturing problem your company faces, we’ll help get your ideas to “stick” using a variety of high-quality products that will reflect on your company in a positive light.

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