Eye Stickers: 5 Ways to Use Decals on Halloween

Once nothing more than a tiny fad, eye stickers have now become a popular product nationwide—especially for Halloween. GoDecals' eye stickers are made from the same high-quality vinyl material as our decals, which means you can be confident that they will last for a whole night of trick-or-treating. All kinds of eye stickers are available, from provocative eye shadow stickers to lifelike stickers that you can place over your closed eyelids.


While those options (and more) are available from GoDecals, we've also come up with some great costume and makeup ideas to help you get the most out of your eye sticker package. If you could use an extra pair of eyes when you hit the town this Halloween, these tips are for you:

  1. Look Me in the Eye (Stickers) - Place eye stickers on your closed eyelids and freak people out by looking them straight in the eyes…with your eyes closed. You could also get away with sleeping in class or on the job, although we certainly don't recommend that. (Right, Bart?)
  2. Eye (Black) Stickers - Has the World Series got you thinking about dressing up as baseball player this Halloween? Or perhaps you're thinking of going as "The Ghost of Tim Tebow's Career." Whatever sport you choose, our stickers can replicate the look of eye black. And don't worry about messing around with paint or marker; our stickers will peel right off when you're done masquerading around as your favorite player.
  3. Four Eye (Stickers) Are Better Than Two - Placed under your eyes, on your cheek, or on your forehead, a pair of our eye stickers can make you look like one of the creepiest, four-eyed freaks you've ever seen.
  4. Cat's Eye (Stickers) - The cat is, without a doubt, the most popular animal on the Internet and one of most popular Halloween costumes year in and year out. If you are going to spend time making the tail, fur, and whiskers look real, don't forget to do the same with the eyes. We have a couple of designs to choose from.
  5. Wandering Eye (Stickers) - Scarecrows are designed to deliver the appearance of real people to keep crows away from crops growing in the fields. Every Halloween, people are spooked by inanimate objects like exterior props of witches or ghouls, baskets full of candy that feature a fake hand or spider at the bottom, or hanging decorations that move and shriek when they get close. And you can just as easily make someone's heart stop and look twice with our eye stickers. If you're in the office, let that annoying coworker know who's boss by placing a pair of eyes on his coffee mug when he steps away from his desk. When he comes back, he'll see two eyes staring him down out of the corner of his eye. The pranking power of these stickers is only limited by your imagination!

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