FASTSIGNS 2014 Convention Recap

GoDecals is honored and excited to be a FASTSIGNS approved vendor, and we were equally honored and excited to attend FASTSIGNS' annual convention this year at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California.

The convention was completely packed and busy. FASTSIGNS franchisees call their locations "centers," and franchisees from all over the world were excited to see what products they could learn about to increase their center sales. I'm always impressed by 3D printers, and it was great to see our friends at stratasys. We even took a little time out to relax at Downtown Disney at the back of the hotel.

We were very pleased to see how many people were interested in our domed decals and high-volume digitally printed decals, and we can't wait for the next convention. Here's to a healthy 2014 for the entire FASTSIGNS family!

Here are some images from the event:


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