Graphic Overlays: An Overview

Found everywhere from ATMs to remote controls, from medical and farm equipment to countless other pieces of electronics and equipment, graphic overlays serve as durable and effective instruction panels.

A graphic overlay printed for a control panel

Sometimes, a product with an interface or control panel requires multiple labels. Created from layers of printed material and layers of transparency, graphic overlays help people identify and use these products.

We can custom print your overlays in one color or create full digital copies, and we utilize custom adhesives based upon your application needs. We use a variety of chemical-resistant materials (polycarbonate, polyester, vinyl, etc.), as well as sub-surface printing, to ensure the inks are protected from the elements. Our graphic overlays adhere smoothly to their surface, ensuring they'll remain a part of the product for years and years. And, best of all, you can expect a short lead time (five to seven business days) from approval of final proof to delivery.

Check out this video to some of the overlays we’re created:

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