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High-end Decals for High-end Machines

When I tell people about the sticker manufacturing industry, most think about cheap vinyl stickers printed in bulk. While we do run our fair share of large decal orders that are meant for standard applications, that's certainly not all we can do.

Here at Graphic Solutions, we've strived to be innovators in the industry, creating products and adhesives that go the extra mile for clients. Not everybody is looking for a small bumper sticker for their car or trailer. Some need high-quality branding decals for scientific liquid handling machines—some of which cost $250,000!

Decals for Liquid Handling Equipment

Medium shot of a liquid handling machine.

That's right: just a couple weeks ago we received a call from a client looking to upgrade the branded element on their liquid handling machines. At the time, they were using cheap, delicate $0.75 vinyl decals that just weren't getting the job done.

The client has a lot of pride in the machines they manufacture and sell—as they should—and wanted the branded element on the machine to properly reflect the quality and value of the incredibly complex, unique product they offer. Luckily for them, we've taken the extra time and effort to create high-end decals for these situations: our domed decal products.

In this case, our super domed decals were the perfect solution. Now, instead of the client's brand being displayed on a vinyl decal that's liable to get scratched, damaged, or even peeled off, the product proudly displays the brand name in stunning, three-dimensional fashion. The raised decal "jumps out" at those admiring or using the machine and properly reflects the level of expertise it takes to manufacture such a complex liquid handling machine.


We were more than happy to supply our new client with super domed decals for their liquid handling machinery. And they were extremely happy with their new decals and couldn't wait to show off their newly branded machines.

Happy client. Happy supplier.

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