How to Design a Metal Nameplate

All of the products we print and manufacture are truly unique. But not for the reasons you may think.

In order to create a perfect die cut decal or banner using a screen printer, we must define - with great detail - the full scope of the project.

When talking with customers, it's common for us to ask what the product is being used for, where and how they're looking to display the product, and many other questions regarding the product's long-term scope.

Metal Nameplate Design: It's in the Details

A close-up shot of a metal name plate showing the texture in the metal.

Designing a metal nameplate with custom features that reflect your employees and your company is no different. We want to create the best possible product for you: one that is both durable and long-lasting but also won't break the bank.

The more we know about the metal nameplates you need, the more likely we are to deliver a product you're going to value and enjoy. That's our goal.

We'll consider the following five areas of detail in order to help us print and manufacture the perfect metal nameplate for your company.

  1. Displaying the text and design - The options in this category depend on the artwork or text you're looking to display on the nameplate. If you're looking to replicate a complicated design with multiple colors and shapes, using a digital printer will give you the most consistent, high-quality results. If your nameplate is simply an engraving of a name or phrase, your product will be better of manufactured using the metal etching technique.
  2. Long-lasting vs short-term durability - Similar to other printed products, durability may not always be a prime concern for a company ordering metal nameplates. If you're hosting an event that requires hundreds of volunteers that need a nameplate, they probably don't require a heavy, high-quality material. On the other hand, if your office just hired 25 new employees that plan on being a part of the company for years, a durable metal nameplate makes more sense.
  3. Desired use - How these nameplates are used go hand-in-hand with their desired durability. A metal nameplate that sits on a desk requires a different printing and manufacturing process than a thin, high-quality "name tag plate" that gives off high quality vibes when clipped to a collared shirt.
  4. Color or unique aspects - Digital printers can print colors in a variety of forms, including the ability to add shading and gradient elements. Other unique aspects of a nameplate could include unique designs, shapes, or interesting color combinations. If these nameplates are to be manufactured using metal etching, coloring and formatting could take significantly longer than necessary. As a printer that prioritizes customer service, we'd be happy to help you figure this out ahead of time.
  5. Size, shape, and quantity - Of course, the basics of any printing job must clear from the beginning: what is the exact size and shape of your metal nameplate and how many of them are you requesting?

Types of Metal Nameplates We Manufacture


Custom nameplates vary greatly between different offices and warehouses, giving customers a variety of options to find the best metal nameplate for their desired use and application.

While the majority of our metal nameplates would be digitally printed using our state-of-the-art HP printer, there are other ways to transfer text and artwork to a metal surface.

Our company has the ability to manufacture aluminum nameplates, etch your artwork onto a metal surface, and even deliver brushed metal nameplates right to your door.

For more information on which of these nameplates, visit our custom metal nameplates product page and let us know what you're most interested in.

It won't be long before your company is sporting brand-new metal nameplates with your name and logo!

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