How to promote your business with stickers

Chattanooga-based Rock/Creek Outfitters has been a leading outdoor retailer for more than two decades. They are known for their selection of quality products and their unmatched service. And they are also known for their stickers.

Photo courtesy of Rock/Creek.

If you've spent any time in the Chattanooga area, you've seen Rock/Creek's stickers. They're on laptops and shop windows and backpacks and outdoor equipment. And they're on vehicles. Lots and lots (and lots) of vehicles. Rock/Creek's stickers have been perhaps as big as any of their other marketing efforts when it comes to promoting their brand.

Their stickers work because they look good. They work because people like to associate themselves with quality, and because Rock/Creek represents quality. They work because outdoor enthusiasts love to collect and display stickers. And they work because they're free, and because the company does a great of job getting them into their customers' hands.

If Rock/Creek's sticker success has inspired you to utilize stickers to promote your business or organization, consider the following four tips:

Stickers can be custom.

Take advantage of that fact. Don't settle for a lackluster, cookie-cutter design from a catalog. Be creative. Spend some time and money on your sticker's design. Make sure the sticker you create is not only appealing, but that it also clearly communicates your brand's look and messaging.

Don't forget the back side.

Use the back side of the paper the sticker comes on to share more information about your company, as well as promote discounts or special offer. The back side can also serve as a business card, giving the recipient everything he or she needs to know about how to get in touch with you. You can even make it a postcard, allowing you to mail it to those you want (and need) to reach.

Give your stickers away.

Stickers are affordable and effective. Buy them in batches and give them away any way can to anyone you can. Stack them on your counter. Put one in a bag when somebody mails something. Bring a bunch when you attend a trade show. Hand them out to people in your store or at events. Throw one in the box when you ship something. You get the idea.

Stick them everywhere.

People love stickers, and if they love yours, chances are they'll stick them on something or somewhere. You should do the same. Stick them on your vehicle(s) and anywhere else you can (without breaking any rules or laws, of course.) Telephone polls, front doors of businesses/restaurants/organizations/clubs you frequent, newspaper boxes, and street signs are all great options. Ask before sticking whenever possible. The worst somebody can say is “no.”

We can help you create stickers that will help drive your business. We can even drive them over to your office, sometimes even the same day. Contact us today to get started.

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