New Friends and a New Partnership

During the 1980s, the Israel Ministry of Tourism launched an advertising campaign with the theme line: "Come to Israel. Come stay with friends." That theme describes perfectly my recent visit to the country.

Last week, I traveled to Israel to meet with Chanan Shalish and his son, Eran. They run Crystal Dome, a longtime and very successful decal and label manufacturing company. Chanan and Eran were gracious hosts, showing me the sites and treating me to some amazing meals.

Bart Simpson with Chanan Shalish and his son, Eran of Crystal Dome
Bart Simpson riding a camel
Bart Simpson enjoying Israeli cuisine with his hosts

We also shared some great discussion about our new joint venture. GoDecals will be partnering with Crystal Dome to offer three new decal offerings: Crystal Dome Decals, Super Dome Decals, and Silver Dome Decals.

Crystal Dome decals are created when a simple, flat logo is transformed into a 3D decal. An added layer of polyurethane gives the decal a domed, crystal-like appearance. These decals are highly durable and weatherproof, as well as fade-resistant and do not peel. They are perfect for enhancing branding or product identification on electronic devices, tool boxes, and bathroom fittings, and have a wide variety of uses for the automotive, cellular communication, advertising, and other industries.

Car loos printed on a domed decal

Super Dome decals are similar to other domed products; however, they offer the durability and flexibility to conform to most contoured surfaces. A brand logo can be created into a flexible domed product and displayed almost anywhere. Super Dome decals can also be produced with a chrome material resembling brushed or polished metal. This gives the decals the appearance of metal without sacrificing the flexibility they needs to adhere to product surfaces. Embossing or beveling can be added to give the decal another dimension. These decals are ideal for toolboxes, garden furniture, computers, household appliances, plastics, office furniture, alarm systems, automotive products, and much more.

Super domed decal of the Bomag logo

The premiere Silver Dome line of decals allows you to create one of the most dynamic domed decals in the industry. These environmentally friendly decals have a durable, mold-injected appearance with a mirror or chrome finish, and offer a great alternative when searching for a domed decal with low tooling expenses. Silver Dome decals offer exceptional design versatility in a multi-profile domed label, and, like Crystal Dome decals, are great for electronic devices, tool boxes, bathroom fittings, automotive products, cellular communication devices, advertising applications, and more.

Close-up of 3 silver domed decals

Learn more about all three types of domed decals here.

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