Promotional Products: Back-to-School Season is the Time

Regardless of your target audience, promotional products need to have a role in your marketing plan.

Back-to-school season is an incredibly popular time for businesses and a common time to see sales, discounts, and other specials to entice families "gearing up" for back to school.

One of the most popular items we sell during this time of year are promotional products, which isn't surprising considering how well these products gel with the back-to-school season.

If your company has been considering an investment in promotional products to better serve your customers, the time is now.

5 Back-to-School Promotional Products

Whether your audience is a group of students or working adults with families, back-to-school season is on everybody's mind.

By offering branded promotional products now, you can bring real, legitimate value to your customers and give them an opportunity to remember your brand in the future.

Stumped on ideas? Here are five great promotional products to offer your customers:

Promotional Pens

Both students and office workers use desk items like pens, scissors, pencils, tape, magnets, and others on a daily basis. Pens are inexpensive and provide value to people who need to take notes and record information every day.
Think about the number of impressions that is for your brand! Not only for the person who receives the pen, but also for those sitting around the person using it.
Desk items like pens are something people value and are likely to keep around for a long time, which makes them a worthy promotional product investment.

A branded water bottle

Water Bottles and Drinkware

Exercise is an important aspect of many people's lifestyles. Students play sports, are constantly moving and need to be reminded of the importance of staying hydrated with water.
Adults in offices are often focused on staying healthy by trying to eat right and exercise daily; a water bottle is a good reminder for them to stay focused on exercise.
This specific promotional product - with your brand's logo and messaging emphatically featured - reminds the consumer to take care of their body and even reinforces the idea that your company cares about their good will and overall health.

A branded tablet case

Tablet and Smartphone Cases

The classroom is becoming a more technological place.
It's now common to see a classroom full of laptops, tablets, wireless keyboards and trackpads, and even digital recorders to help students go over their notes later.
Cases - for both smartphones and tablets - are infinitely valuable as students are more than likely to drop and handle their device roughly in their daily schedule. Professionals rely on technology and use their devices just as much.
By protecting their most valuable assets, your company gains positive "points" within the minds of consumers. You've saved them money by providing protective material they would've had to buy anyway.

A backpack with a logo printed on the back.

School Bags and Re-Usable Totes

People need bags, totes, and carrying cases to hold their stuff. Students and professionals are constantly bringing computers, books, notebooks, and more with them everywhere they go, so why not attach your brand to their hip?
This kind of promotional product can last for years, allowing your consumer to potentially associate themselves with your company over time. That's right: promotional products can create brand advocates!

Flash Drives

Computers are necessary for both working and learning in the 21st century. Although a somewhat outdated storage option, flash drives - or USB drives - are still handy ways to move important files from one computer to another.
When a student has a deadline on their research paper, or a professional is nervous before giving that sales presentation to their boss, why not let them trust in the drive that proudly presents your brand's logo?
When the device comes through in the clutch moments, your company will be thought of in a positive manner.

The Promotional Product Opportunities are Endless

Back-to-school season is a great time to think creatively about marketing to your audience by using promotional products.

But that's not the only time of year promotional products are a worthwhile investment.

Our company works with other businesses on a daily basis to create interesting marketing campaigns that empower consumers everywhere.

A promotional product marketing campaign can be applied to any industry, something any company can afford, and receiving these products is actually something consumers desire.

How can you use a promotional product marketing campaign to benefit your current and prospective customer bases? Get started with promotional products this back-to-school season and never look back!

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