Saturday T-Shirts and Go-To Coffee Mugs

If you’re like most people, Monday through Friday is spent in a “uniform” of some sort. Whether that’s a tunic and a name badge, a suit and tie, or business casual and an id card, comfort usually takes a back seat to an understood set of requirements. That makes Saturday mornings all the more precious - when you can reach for that favorite t-shirt and take on the weekend.

And have you ever noticed that coffee just tastes better in your favorite mug? It’s one thing to slurp down a cup of joe in a styrofoam cup, but to sip the morning away with your prize travel mug? Heaven.

This is where your brand needs to live. People talk a lot about form versus function - but the truth is, they are inextricably linked. If something is beautiful, pleasing, comfortable - you are bound to use it more!

So before you take on your next promotional project, pause and think, “Would I wear/bring/use this on Saturday? Would this be my go-to ______?” You'll be glad you did.

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