Sticker Design: It's a Business Card

Did you know that more than 27 million business cards are printed each day?

Despite the rapid growth of technology and innovation, these little printed advertisements still hold their worth.

A lot goes into the design process of a business card. Everything from the material used, typeface, information included, logo, card shape, and card size should all be considered carefully.

If you can't design and print a high-quality business card that resonates with potential customers, you're probably wasting your money printing them in the first place. Remember, there are millions of business cards printed each day. What's going to make yours—and your business—stand out from the rest?

Sticker Design is No Different

If business cards send a powerful message about your company, the right sticker design can change the world. Don't believe me? Read this.

People love stickers. They're fun to collect and share, easy to use, and they can attract potential customers.

Are you currently using stickers to promote your business? If you took the time and money to invest in business cards for all your employees, you should consider doing the same to create stickers with your company name, logo, watermark, and other branded elements.

When you include stickers as an extra handout for customers who make a purchase—or simply hand them out for free—you're not only empowering the general public and making them feel good about themselves, but you're also gaining a free advertiser and advocate of your business and its products.

4 Ways to Market Your Business with Stickers

Need help brainstorming a few ways stickers can better market your business? Consider these tips:

Sponsor an event

What does sponsoring an event have to do with stickers, you ask? If your company sponsors an event, there are usually opportunities for branding on many different signs, pamphlets, and handouts. Including a sticker featuring your company's logo in a handout bag is a fun way to engage the attendees. Don't have the budget for a sponsorship? Just participating in events gives you the opportunity to set up a booth and advertise your company and its products and services. And you can give away handouts from your booth, too.

Reward customer loyalty

Does your company have a loyalty program? A simple, easy reward for customers who sign up could be a sticker of your company's logo. If you don't have a loyalty program, giving away stickers for purchases of $x-amount or more is also a great idea. This is a particularly good strategy in the retail space.

Let your employees do the marketing

Word-of-mouth is a very effective marketing tactic, so why not let your employees do the talking, promoting, and advertising for you? By giving each new hire a stack of stickers—similar to giving them business cards—you're inviting them and encouraging them to hand these stickers out whenever there's an opportunity. Have a meeting with a client? Give them a sticker. Guest speaking at a class or conference? Stickers!

4) Give out stickers for free—Everybody loves stickers. And everybody really loves free stuff. Need I say more?

Stickers = Business Cards

It's time to start thinking of stickers as business cards for your brand.

Where could you use stickers to increase awareness and better communicate your company's mission? Would your catchphrase work well as a bumper sticker? Is there potential to give a sticker of your logo away to members of your target market?

Regardless of your company's size, age, or industry, stickers can be an effective part of your marketing strategy. If you've ever invested in business cards, it's time to invest in stickers.

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