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Stickers and the Power of Guerrilla Marketing

Stickers have the power to promote and market a brand quite unlike anything else.

While they are often overlooked because of their simplicity and how they are advertised—not to mention the crowded sea of marketing messages out there—stickers, decals, and labels are some of the most underutilized yet powerful marketing tools available.

Getting your brand to the forefront of a customer's mind in today's market requires a more creative marketing strategy that speaks to your target audience in a different yet effective way.

While the toolbox of traditional and digital marketing channels is vast, there are few channels that can match the excitement and exposure for your brand than a sticker-based viral—or guerrilla—marketing campaign.

To get a better idea of what i'm talking about, read the case study we've provided below.

The Origin of Andre the Giant Has a Posse

The story behind the OBEY brand is truly unique. What started as an "experiment" by a college art student became one of the most recognizable brands in the world thanks to a little sticker of Andre the Giant's face, his height, weight, and a phrase referencing his supporters.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Refer to the infographic below that details how this sticker accidentally became the source of a successful guerrilla marketing campaign.

An infographic detailing the origin of Andre the Giant has a posse

Fairey's design started as a small sticker, but eventually morphed into OBEY thanks to a unique message, a great marketing tactic, and the right community of people—or target audience—resonating with it.

It appears the artist stumbled upon one of the best ways to market something without even realizing it: stickers.

Elements of a Successful Sticker

There were a few factors that helped transform his simple piece of art into something that resinated with a large group of people and motivated them to spread the word on their own.

  1. Design - I'm no designer, but it's clear that the original "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" sticker wasn't exactly the Mona Lisa. However, it was significantly different than anything people had seen and—more importantly—had a certain level of intrigue. The layout of the information was simple and easy to understand, but left the audience wanting more. Whatever you want to use stickers for, make sure the design is structured in such a way that potential customers understand its message. If people are going to resonate with your sticker, its design must attract and communicate.
  2. Messaging - What does your sticker or decal really say about your business? The design is part of the messaging, but ultimately what you say will resonate with people. If you're looking for a campaign that simply increases general awareness of your brand, a logo or business name would be appropriate. But if the messaging is more complex, how will you craft your words to attract a target audience? If it's a bumper sticker or a simple die cut handout, you only have a few seconds to grab somebody's attention. Choose your words wisely.
  3. Placement - In order to most effectively get the design and messaging of your sticker correct, it's important to understand where it will likely be placed. Is your "sticker" a large billboard-sized mural that will be posted alongside the interstate? Or is it a simple bumper sticker that will be stuck to cars, snowboards, or the backs of stop signs? Understanding the placement of your product should have an impact on the final version of your company's sticker.

You may be saying to yourself, "Bart, that's a great story, but I don't have time to experiment with a sticker, nor do I want to conduct a guerrilla marketing campaign, so I can't use stickers?" The answer to that question is, no, you still have plenty of options for promoting your business with high-quality stickers and decals.

What Can Stickers Do for My Business?

Regardless of what your business sells, there's always a unique way to use stickers to promote your products. Whether you're looking for a quality decal to be adhered to the product directly or want to advertise your brand's slogan with a bumper sticker, good design and placement could help increase your business' profitability.

If you need help promoting your business, but can't find a sticker manufacturer capable of handling your custom high-quality sticker product, give us a call.

We strive to create marketing solutions by using stickers, and while we can't promise your company will evolve into a global brand, your stickers could bring a significant return on your investment.

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