Stop Before You Stick

Each year, we print millions of stickers for thousands of clients. Stickers are a fun, affordable, and convenient marketing tool. And while you can stick stickers on countless surfaces, it's a good idea to know on which surfaces you should and shouldn't stick them—if you don't want to get into trouble, that is.

3 Rules for Safe Sticking

The rules are pretty simple:

• It's OK to stick stickers on your own property, but you need to get permission before sticking them on someone else's.

• It is against the law to stick stickers on street signs, traffic lights, speed limit signs, utility poles, public or government buildings, and other public structures.

• If you stick stickers where you shouldn't, but the stickers can be easily removed, it's generally considered littering. If removing the stickers damages the surface, you could be subject to vandalism charges. If the stickers contain offensive images or wording, you may also be violating decency laws.

Not only can improper sticker placement result in fines or (yes, really) jail time, it can also reflect poorly on your brand. We can help you design your decals, as well as give you tips on how to best distribute and display them. Contact us today.

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