The 77 MacBook Stickers You Need to See

Apple MacBooks have become more than just a high-quality laptop that appeal to professionals and teenagers alike.

Owning a MacBook is every bit a status symbol as much as it was to obtain a state-of-the-art computer. Credit to Apple's marketing and advertising, but one reason MacBooks have become so popular?

Decals and stickers. For your MacBook, that is.

The commercial highlights but a fraction of the popular designs that are marketed and sold as laptop stickers online and in stores around the globe.

We decided to track down a handful of the MacBook stickers you need to see. Whether you're a fan of Marvel comics, enjoy witty humor, or just want to "dress up" your laptop's look, see the images below.

Afro Man


Big - in size - doesn't always equal big in personality. This sticker gives the exterior of your MacBook some great personality featuring a large afro to sit atop the Apple logo.

MacBook stickers playing off the center Apple logo are common, but few pack the personality punch of this Afro Man laptop decal.

Egyptian Pyramids


One of the wonders of our modern world, the pyramids in Egypt draw people from all over the globe. But now you can bring them to your MacBook!

Nobody will wonder what your laptop sticker is supposed to be, these iconic structures will look amazing on the outside of your computer.

Guitar Pick


Music fans: This is the sticker for you! The next time you want to be strumming your guitar but are instead on the computer for school or work, at least you can be reminded of one of your greatest passions.

This guitar pick is large and with the bright, white Apple logo "on" it, it certainly stands out.

Mickey Mouse Hand


Disney characters are always popular among kids and families, and this Mickey mouse MacBook sticker is both playful and fun. Instead of one of those "in your face" decals of Mickey's face, the subtle touch of just his hand is whimsical.

Zebra Stripes


Take a look at this laptop from far away and you may think you're in the African safari! Okay, maybe not. But these zebra stripes do give your MacBook a unique look that honors the zebra native to the continent of Africa.

If you love the zoo, zebras, or just want an animal print laptop decal, this is a good choice for you.

FYI: We're creating the Official MacBook Stickers Pin Board over on Pinterest. You should definitely click over to follow, see the full collection, and even suggest new stickers! The board will be updated continuously.

Hat and Tie Man


Another small decal that depicts the Apple logo as a human being, this neat little sticker allows the logo to sport a lovely hat and tie in order to "dress up" a bit.

Minimalist design is a common trend in 2014 and has plenty of benefits. If you're a fan of that design and art style, this might be the laptop sticker for you.

New York City Skyline


One of the most iconic skylines on the globe, New York City can grace the exterior of your MacBook in an amazing way.



Any vintage video game fan will have a strong appreciation for this MacBook sticker. Pac-Man is one of the most iconic figures in video games and can relate to a variety of ages and people with different backgrounds.

Get this decal for the Pac-Man fan in your circle of friends or family (even if that's you!).

Cat Eating an Apple


This cartoon cat shows off quite a bit of personality and will probably only work with a variety of people you know. However, a playful art design like this is perfect for a MacBook sticker.

A Trance


Woah. Dizzy, much? This is a laptop decal that will make other stare into the abyss at your computer while you get ahead in the world and get some work done. This could be fun for many different people.

MacBook Sticker Resources

These are some of our favorites, but there are thousands upon thousands of MacBook stickers out there that are worth mentioning and writing about.

In fact, we're not the only one to notice: there are a lot of other neat articles and blog posts out there about this very topic.

For more fun reading about MacBooks and all their cool laptop stickers, check out the five recommended pieces of content below:

Enjoy! Have fun using stickers and your Apple laptop to express yourself to the public and with your friends.

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