The CHAttanooga Euro Oval Sticker

Did you ever wonder where those oval stickers you see on the backs of cars came from? They are called euro (or oval) stickers, and they were originally devised in 1949 by the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic. They're used in Europe to identify a vehicle's country of origin, and in this country, to indicate that a vehicle came from overseas, where the vehicle a traveled on a trip, or as a decorative item displaying affinity for a country, state, city, town, organization, or something else.

We are a Chattanooga-based company, and we have enormous pride in our city. So do the fine folks who created Chatype, the first crowd-funded, custom-made typeface for any municipality anywhere in the world. We are proud to announce that we have created a euro oval sticker for Chattanooga using Chatype, and will soon be distributing it for free at various Chattanooga-area events and locations.


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