The Printing Industry Research Library

The newest feature on our website is something our team is extremely proud of; something we think you'll find really valuable.


Over the last week we've unveiled the Printing Industry Research Library, a data-based research library that highlights studies, experiments, reports, and surveys about the printing and manufacturing industry, decals, stickers, labels, and other similar products.

As new research is published that's relevant to our business, will look to visualize the most important pieces of data in a relevant, easy-to-understand manner in order to help show the effectiveness of the products we print and manufacture.

An infographic that shows the New Jersey Decal Law helped to prevent car crashes.

Using charts, tables, and other visual assets, our data-based research library will help readers understand how valuable the printing industry's products can be.

Whether the study is about marketing, consumer demographics, the influence of a product, or something else, most are unaware of the importance of the printing and manufacturing industry and the positive effect it can have on a business' bottom line.

Our research library is an ongoing project that we will continue to expand and add to as more relevant studies and experiments are published.

Help Us Collect the Data

While scanning through the different case studies, if you see a graphic and information you like, feel free to share using the social icons, our embed code text, or by just sharing the page's URL.

If you've seen newly-published data that we haven't included in our library, please contact us - either on Twitter or via our contact form - and we'll see how quickly we can add it to our growing database. :)

Many people think printing and manufacturing is a boring industry that doesn't lend itself to interesting, unique content or data. We'd beg to differ, and after clicking through our industry research library, we hope you feel the same way.

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