What Are Die Cut Decals?

"What are die cut decals?"

This is a question that I'm often asked, so let me explain.

The term "die cut" originates from the method by which the decal is trimmed, or cut. Die cut decals have historically been cut using a steel strip, known as a "die," that is placed in a machine like this:

A steel rule decal printer

Imagine a clam shell.  The printed vinyl sheet is placed on the machine and as it closes, the steel die cuts away the waste to leave only what you want included in your design.

A steel die looks like this:

Steel rule die

As technology improves, so do die-cutting processes and capabilities. We can now digitally cut decals with a machine like this:

Digital die cut printer

A computer tells this machine where to cut, allowing for a more intricate cut-line. In the end, whether using the traditional steel die or the digital cutter, vinyl decals can be cut into all shapes and sizes. And you can then apply them to the mini-fridge in your office...

Assortment of decals on a mini fridge

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