Mail Order Catalogs

Booklet printing is a specialty of ours! You can have your entire mail order catalog printed and manufactured in one place. Our high-quality, full-color catalogs and booklets are perfect for showcasing just your newest products or entire inventories.

Designing Free Catalogs by Mail

Ordering your catalogs from Graphic Solutions, Inc. enables various catalog sizes, everything from standard sizes (5.5 x 8.5 and 8.5 x 11) to completely custom, even die cut publications.

Each mail order catalog or booklet is digitally printed using the industry's top-level printers that our office is always investing in and adding to our office's print shop. We can help you layout and design your booklet, helping you design the catalog from day one or just laying it out and tying up loose ends.

If our in-house graphic design team helps you put together your company's custom booklet, we'll be happy to send proofs to anyone in your organization to ensure every design detail is signed off on and confirmed. Designing a mail order catalog is a long, complicated process with thousands of minute details to work through. Place your free catalog by mail's printing and manufacturing fate in the hands of the trusted professionals here at Graphic Solutions.


Mail Order Catalogs Are Still Valuable

Mail order catalogs? Printed booklets? You may be thinking to yourself, how valuable are these marketing tools today when everyone and everything is online?

Great question! The truth is, the Internet hasn't devalued printed publications as much as you think. There are people who prefer this method of communication with brands and actually thrive with it. Printed catalogs are still around because there are large target markets that still prefer printed publications more than their online equivalents.

While the convenience of the internet is unmatched, having a mail order catalog sent to somebody's home guarantees fewer competitors (number of catalogs sent to your house versus the number of competitor websites in your business vertical), greater number of impressions (the catalog is your target consumer's house for weeks often months), and the booklets don't have to compete with your company's online assets: in fact, it often supports additional online orders.

And that's the big reason why mail order catalogs, printed booklets, and other similar free catalogs by mail are still extremely valuable for businesses. Don't think of your catalog as a competitor of your online e-commerce platform or website, rather a tool that creates - and converts - leads of its own while also driving traffic to your website.


Booklet Marketing

Many businesses we come in contact with are thrown off by the term "booklet (or catalog) marketing." Upon hearing it, there's a misunderstanding as to what exactly we're talking about. However, after they ask a few questions and we give detailed, expert-level answers, their questions begin to turn into intrigue.

We've collected the most common questions we receive about catalogs and booklets (for questions about all products, see our handy FAQ page) here so you can come to an understanding as to what exactly we're talking about when we suggest marketing your business via a mail order catalog.

What is booklet marketing?

Booklet marketing - also referred to as catalog marketing - is a hyper-targeted form of direct mail marketing that remains valuable despite most marketing strategies moving to an online-only form.

Who is interested in receiving booklet marketing materials?

If history is any indication, nearly everyone has been interested in receiving booklets and catalogs from brands. This form of marketing dates back to the late 1800s when local stores and warehouses would release print materials advertising what products were still in-stock. Today, more than 12 billion - yes, billion; with a b - catalogs and booklets are still being mailed out to citizens all over the country. That's a huge market!

What's my expected return on investment?

If you took time to create a vast catalog that includes high-resolution photography and professionally written copy that addresses the wants and needs of your customer base, chances are you'll love the return on your relatively small return on investment.

How can I create a good mail order catalog?

The answer to this question depends on both your target audience and your goal for the booklet marketing campaign. What do you want people to do with your material? Is the goal to get them to make a phone call, go online, or send something back through the mail? You may not even want your recipients to make a purchase, but rather sign up for something else or respond to a survey. Once you answer all these questions, you'll be able to focus on content and design that addresses your needs and goals accordingly.

Does my industry work well with booklet marketing strategies?

Most likely, yes! Any industry that has a large inventory of products that can be showcased with professional visuals and well-written descriptions is perfect for booklet marketing and mail order catalogs. Whether you're selling dentist supplies or million-dollar mansions, a booklet is a great way for current and prospective customers to see what you have to offer.

How much is booklet marketing going to cost me?

Booklet marketing is a typical print cost that requires printing and manufacturing costs, design and content costs, as well as mailing costs. However, when you compare that to paying for each click in search advertisements or trying to compete with the boatloads of websites in your industry's vertical online, suddenly booklet costs seem irrelevant. Plus, once you create the template for your mail order catalogs, design and even content costs will significantly decrease! It also doesn't hurt to print more than you need: many printers - including us! - will give you "per booklet" discounts the more catalogs you choose to print!

Can you design and print our booklets and catalogs?

To which we reply, "Of course! Let's get started."

Booklet marketing is an off-line, traditional marketing tactic that has proven to be successful over the past couple hundred years. Still doubting what a free catalog by mail can do for your business?

Catalogs & Booklets

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In a study conducted by iProspect that sought to measure offline channels' influence on online search behavior, the data showed that 163% of online searches are driven by offline messages, and 39% of those searches result in a purchase.