Our Window Flags

Custom car window flags are an easy, effective, and affordable promotion vehicle for your brand, store, and its products.

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Car Window Flags Add Visibility

Flags are more cost-effective than television ad time or hiring a firm to create a promotional marketing campaign, and their mobility allows you to reach eyes that you can't reach with other products or ads.

Displaying the Right Message

When using a custom car flag on a vehicle, it's important to choose the right message. Whether you use a logo, store or brand name, or marketing message, you'll want the consumer to know and understand it the minute they see the flag.

The flag should be bright and visible so people can see it from a distance, and the vehicle it's on should not only be tall enough to be seen from a distance, but also in good condition to give off a positive impression of your business or product.

Our custom-printed auto flags are made in the USA from durable polyester, and feature full-color printing on both sides. They come with a sturdy pole and window clip, and are safe for vehicle windows.

Specs & Pricing

Flags are available in standard (11.5" x 14") or custom sizes. Production time typically requires 5-7 days, and pricing can be as low as $5.50 per flag depending on the total volume ordered (the minimum order is 25).

Our flags are perfect for:

  • Car dealerships
  • School booster clubs
  • Financial institutions
  • Funeral homes
  • Sports teams
  • Country, state, and military flags
  • Fraternities and sororities
  • Boaters
  • Religious organizations
  • … and much more.

Custom Car Window Flags

NOTE: All product logos and copyrighted trademarks are the property of the companies that they represent.

Satisfied Customers
  • "I was contacted by Graphic Solutions after we had joined the NATM Magazine. Graphic Solutions had sent me some sample stickers and after running the stickers thru a test run on the durability I was very satisfied with the quality of the labels. They offered some good pricing to help our company save money. Good Work!"

    Karen, WI
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    Brenna, Canada
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    Scott, NC
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    L2 Design
  • From the moment that I walked into the door, the customer service was great. I was greeted by a friendly hello, and escorted to the conference room to discuss my project. After they had an idea of what I wanted to do, they offered me a proposal that was of great value for my budget. The constant communication about the status of my order was welcomed, and appreciated. When I picked up my order, I was appreciative of the level of detail that they had gone to, to make sure it was correct the first time. Along with a short tour of the facility, I was on my way with exactly what I ordered. Friendly staff, attention to detail, great quality and value, what more could I ask for? They have earned my business. Thank you!
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