Using Magnets to Market Your Business

A custom magnet is a great way to promote your product or idea. Create a magnet to send out with a promotional piece and your message will "stick" around for a long time. We can create a magnet any size and shape to fit the need you have.

It is important to consider how you will be using the magnet when designing its layout and style.

A magnet used for promotional and marketing purposes will not be as thick as a magnet that's intended to be displayed on the side of a vehicle.

Your custom car magnet will be much thicker, stronger, and more durable. This gives a magnet the properties necessary to endure the rough environment of the outdoors, debris on roads, and the scorching hot sun day after day.

Our thinner, custom magnets are ideal for indoor use, and can be used on refrigerator doors, memo boards and calendars. on Pinterest

3 Ways to Advertise with Magnets

Magnets for your Car

Whether you are a painter or an exterminator, an electrician or a plumber, it is important that you drive around town with your brand visible.

The magnet acts as a constant advertisement for your company and its services. With our full color business magnets, you can incorporate your logo with your services to create the right magnet for your vehicle.

We can produce any size and quantity, and our customer service team will make the process easy for you. Car magnets have become a must for business owners looking to get that extra edge on their competition.

With a car door magnet, you have the ability to remove and reapply as you wish. It's a perfect solution if you have a start-up business that you need to advertise, but don’t want a permanent decal on your vehicle.

Clik-Clik Magnets

Clik-Clik makes suspending or changing signs and banners a snap! With this unique magnet-based system, you are provided with two tools: a MagMover and a MagPole.

The MagPole is a sturdy aluminum pole that has 5 telescoping sections. It can extent all the way to 18 feet, allowing you to hang items as high as a 24 feet in the high.

The patented MagMover screws onto the MagPole and allows you to easily install your displays.

Here's how it works:

  1. Hook your banner or sign onto the corkscrews
  2. Extend the pole to your desired height
  3. "Stick" the clik-clik magnets to the ceiling or wall

Luckily, the process is just as simple to remove the banner or sign. Just extend the MagPole up to your promotional sign and gently tug. Using magnets, the MagMovers "catch" your banner/sign to bring it back within arms' reach.

If you've ever experienced issues hanging a banner or sign level, try using clik-clik magnets. This custom hanging system is uses magnets to display your branded material in a sturdy manner but is also easy to set-up and tear down.

High-Quality, Durable Magnets

We stand behind the products we make and use only the best materials to manufacture the products you need.

We know that your business matters to you, and that you want only the best products to represent your business. When it comes to custom magnets, we use a thick material that comes highly rated and is proven to be durable in a variety of work environments and weather conditions.

Unsure of how to incorporate your logo into a custom door magnet? Our design team can create a proof for you.

Custom Magnets

NOTE: All product logos and copyrighted trademarks are the property of the companies that they represent.