Custom Signs and Banners

Digitally printed signs have a variety of uses, from promoting your next sale to communicating valuable information that customers need to know to making people aware of your company.

We can print highly durable, all-weather signs in minutes! This allows us to print your signage and get it to you quickly and efficiently every time you order.

If you want to represent your business in a high-quality manner, you can’t settle for cookie-cutter signs and banners made from less-than-durable material. It not only wastes money but reflects poorly on your business.

To gain a legitimate advantage over your competitors, your business signs should be of the highest quality, gain the attention of people passing by, and be attractive to your prospective customer base.

Not only can we manufacture custom signs for you, but our graphic artists can personally craft unique designs that are perfect for your brand.

Impact of Digitally Printed Signs

We would not be able to provide high-quality digitally printed signs in a fast, efficient manner if it wasn’t for our beautiful and powerful HP Scitex FB500 Printer.

This top-of-the-line printer allows us to deliver orders quickly due to its ability to both print and load media simultaneously. No time is wasted with slow upload times, masking, or other older printing practices.

With the ability to load four sheets of media fast and print on nearly any surface, this new printer allows us to meet all of your business’ signage and banner needs.

The best news?

We will never sacrifice your printing quality, either: image quality capabilities can reach as high as 1200 x 600 optimized dpi. Everything from white ink printing, double-sided prints, and full bleeds are possible.

Custom Banners

Banners are another great solution if your business needs high-quality signage.

Our banners are digitally printed in full color, allowing you to advertise your products and promote your services in the best way possible. on Pinterest

Digital printing gives you an endless amount of design options, so there won't be any problem incorporating complex logos, text, and unique graphics into your banner's design.

All of our banners are printed on a highly-durable, 13 ounce vinyl that is ideal for both interior and exterior use.

We also have the capability to add grommets to each banner, making it easier to display them wherever you'd like. Grommets can also be a specific color to help match your banner's color scheme or design.

There is no limit to the number of colors you can use: our high-resolution printer can even print pristine photographs!

Banners are a cost-effective way to promote your business and can be rolled up for easy storage when you want to exchange the banner for a new one.

The experienced graphic design team on-staff is ready to design your banner for you, so if you don't have the artwork capabilities, we'd be happy to help.

Sign Material Options

Medium Density Overlay — Also known as MDO, this material is made of exterior plywood panels with a fiber overlay that has been fused to their surface.

The overlay eliminates surface checking and increases the durability of the digitally printed sign. This type of material is ideal for construction site signs, furniture, cabinets, or industrial shelving.

Aluminum — This is available in a variety of sizes and colors and typically used for custom license plates, traffic signs, and real estate signage.

It's ideal for the outdoors because it will not rust and will hold up longer than most sign materials. It's highly flexible, however, which can be a disadvantage for certain applications.

Aluminum Composite — Constructed with a 2.7mm high-density polyethylene core, this material is highly durable and the best sign substrate currently available in the industry.

Its core makes it resistant to dents and scratches while still allowing the ink to be transferred directly onto the sign.

It is lightweight and strong, yet heavy enough to provide enhanced durability. It’s even UV cured, making it one of the best options for digitally printed signage.

Magnetic — With the look of a refrigerator magnet and the strength of a vehicle magnet, our custom magnets are the best of both worlds.

Thin and lightweight, yet strong enough to maintain its magnetic force, this material is ideal for vehicle signs, menu boards, promotional materials and point-of-purchase displays.

Coroplast — Coroplast is a corrugated polypropylene that has a limited exterior life. It readily accepts pressure-sensitive vinyl graphics, screen printed inks, and digital images.

It is ideal for outdoor signs, display panels, real estate or political signs, and comes with packaging that includes each architectural modeling.

PVC Foam board — Commonly known as “sintra,” this material is a lightweight foam that remains rigid and durable. It can be easily formed into any shape and is also chemical resistant.

It has superior dent and scratch resistance and is ideal for POP displays, exhibits, kiosks, framing, and interior or exterior signage.

Looking to Order a Business Sign?

You can choose from any of the materials listed above, and our customer service team is always available to help you choose the best material for your specific request. Believe it or not, we can even print directly onto wood or metal!

If you’re looking for a smaller sign, like a small lawn sign, we also provide the metal posts for easy assembly.

We have full-color capabilities and can print any amount you need with fast turnaround times. If you need a custom sign, we’re the print shop for you.

Digitally Printed Signs

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