About Hard Hat Stickers

Hard hat decals (or stickers) are an effective means of publicizing your business without having to pay a dime in standard advertising costs.

Along with providing additional safety to workers, adding custom stickers to your workers’ hard hats also make them useful for organizational and branding purposes.

If your company is working on a construction site with many other companies, having decals on their hard hats will help your workers distinguish their colleagues from the rest of the group.

Benefits of Hard Hat Stickers

There are many hard hats of the same color on the market. Using different colors to distinguish your team members may not always help your team stand out from the crowd. Custom hard hat stickers can help you organize all of your teams.

Cleaning the Hard Hat Before Application

For safety reasons, we recommend using a cleaner such as soap and water and cleaning the hat with a soft microfiber cloth before applying the sticker. Spray the soapy water on the hard hat and begin rubbing in a circular motion until you have completely covered the entire area. Once clean, do your best not to touch the area of the hard hat where you will be applying the decal, as this may leave an oily residue, making the decal peel and not stick properly once applied.

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How to Apply a Hard Hat Decal or Sticker

Once they are cleaned, it's time to apply the decals. Applying a decal is more complicated than just peeling a sticker from its surface and slapping it on. The rounded shape of the helmet can cause your decal to wrinkle or even peel. If the decal is applied improperly, dirt and debris will collect under the adhesive surface of the decal, making it peel away from the helmet. So how do you apply hard hat decals to helmets without them peeling off?

Instead of simply peeling and sticking the decals to the helmet, apply the decal to the helmet from the center out. Usually, when you apply a sticker, you peel it from the corner and then place it on the desired object. However, with hard hats, you should apply pressure to the decal at the center. Once you have applied a small amount of pressure to the center, the outer edges will float in mid air above the surface of the helmet.

At this point in the application process, look at your helmet from all angles to make sure the decal is positioned at the right angle from left to right and top to bottom on the surface of the helmet. As a final confirmation, you may even want to have somebody put the hard hat on to ensure the sticker location is prime for maximum brand exposure and can be seen from almost any line of sight for safety reasons.

Once everything has been confirmed, it's now time to permanently apply the sticker to the helmet. Begin rubbing the decal in a circular motion from the center of the decal out to the edges. This will ensure the decal is applied to the hard hat with the least amount of wrinkles and maximizes your chances of having a fantastic bond between the surface of the helmet and the sticker's adhesive.

Let's recap:

  1. Clean the surface of the hard hat.
  2. Stick the center of the decal to the surface first.
  3. Ensure the sticker's placement is ideal for exposure or safety.
  4. Create a strong bond between the hat and the adhesive by smoothing the decal out from the center.
  5. Wear your hard hat proudly!

Hard Hat Stickers

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