Magnetic Car Flags

Auction toppers are a unique and durable way to market any vehicle. Because they do not rely on the wind to make your message "stand out," they are always highly visible

Great for both new and used car dealerships, double-sided auction toppers are weatherproof and scratch resistant and can be mounted on any vehicle via magnetic base, suction cup base, or sometimes a window clip.

Unlike other car flags made from a soft fabric, toppers do not rely on the wind to make your message stand out. But our toppers are different, made from thick sheets of styrene, the rigid material will not blow, wave, or rip in the wind.

Your custom images and designs can range from one color to full digital, and the rigid plastic insert ensures that your message is always viewable and sturdy. Double-sided images will be seen from all angles and won't be distorted from wrinkles or breezes on an extremely windy day.

Best of all, toppers are extremely economical, as you can use them over and over again. on Pinterest

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Magnetic Car Flags

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