Help Promote Your Political Campaign

Whether you are running to become the next county commissioner or looking to be elected as the next trustee, our Political Signs can be customized to fit your needs.

Political Signs


All of our Political Signs can be made from Vinyl, Styrene, or Coroplas. These materials are 100% weather proof, and your signs are made to last for the life of your next campaign.

The options for your Political Signs are endless! They can be made with digitally cut vinyl letters, single- or double-sided, pre-stapled, corrugated, wide or tall format, etc. We can customize your Political Signs to make you stand out above your competition.

We can also provide you, at no additional charge, with the proper Steel Wire Frames to go with your Political Signs.

Do You Need a Political Sign?

As a politician, the use of political signs and slogans is a great way to bolster your campaign, and to help promote your message, face, and name. When choosing signs, one of the best and most popular options are political lawn signs. In addition to being seen by every individual or car that passes by a home, these signs are also a great way to reach out to your followers, and get them to show their support for you and your message.

Designing Your Sign

The design, colors, lettering, and overall quality of the political lawn signs are very important when you are creating these signs. You want something that is upbeat, positive, and portrays in a positive light. Many will use negative slurs, but it is better to promote your personal message, and your positive change you plan on making, instead of trying to put down your opponent during a campaign. The more positive, and the more positive a light the voters see you in, the better the outcome is going to be when using these political signs.

Sign Sizes

Depending on what kind of campaign it is, how many opponents there are, and any restrictions in a local community (as to the size and design of signs that can be put up in a yard), the candidate should also consider going with a larger size, so that their message can be seen by many. The larger the sign, the further it can be seen. The more positive the message, the better it will bode for the candidate using these political signs.

Campaign Message

Of course, your political lawn signs have to give off the right message. It is better to put out your message, what you want the voters to know about you, and why they should vote for you, as opposed to trying to bash your opponent. So, when choosing the message, it is important to find the right words and message that will resonate with your voters, and those who are undecided, in order to bring them in, and get them to vote for you as opposed to the opposing candidate.

High-Quality Manufacturing

When deciding on the political lawn signs that will be used during any campaign, it is very important to select the best manufacturer and printer to make these signs. It is important that they are made with durable material, quality ink, and quality printers to ensure they can withstand weather conditions and other possible damage wherever the signs may be placed during the duration of any campaign. The better the quality, the more visible they are to people, and the better an impression voters will have of a candidate.

No matter what kind of an election or race it may be, as a politician, the use of political signs is a great way to reach out to voters and send out your message in a way that is simple for them to understand.