Vintage Postcards: Sizes, Postage, & Stamps

Postcards are a cost-effective, attention-grabbing, targeted promotional tool great for direct mail campaigns.


Our single- or double-sided postcards are fully customizable and are available in various sizes, from standard to oversized. Both vintage postcards and modern designs are within our printing and design capabilities, and all of our postcard dimensions follow United States Postal Service (USPS) approved guidelines.

Postcards are printed utilizing a four-color manufacturing process, and graphic design with PDF proofing is also available. Our graphic design team can facilitate and lay out your company's postcard design, or we can help you come up with a successful design. If you need additional help getting your direct mail campaign started, we can also provide stamps and mail the postcards for you!


USPS-Approved Postcard Dimensions

We offer a variety of different postcard sizes that can be useful depending on your direct mail piece's messaging and design requirements. Most importantly, all of the following dimensions are USPS-approved and are good solutions for nearly any postcard application.

Regular Postcard Dimensions: 4" x 6"
Your standard postcard dimension, the size for vintage postcards are great for any sales message or reminder for current customers of your business. This is the most common size postcard order we print, manufacture, and sometimes even mail out.

Large Postcard Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
A larger card that still easily fits in the average size mailbox, our larger postcards are comparable to a sheet of paper folded in half (from top to bottom). If your design is graphically oriented and needs a larger surface area - for example a map with directions or a large logo or image - this "jumbo" postcard is the right application for your mailing list.

Wide-view Postcard Dimensions: 5.75" x 11.25"
This panoramic postcard is laid out different than the other sizes and is great for grabbing attention of its recipients, however it should be reserved for unique messaging purposes. Its larger, wide format lends itself to panoramic views or layouts, but shouldn't be used unless the right imagery and messaging is available. Consider your industry and target audience before choosing the wide-view postcard. For example, a landscaping or real estate company looking to show off their homes and services would love using a wide-view postcard.

Oversized Postcard Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
If you're looking to make a really big impression on your customers, the oversized postcard is the option for your mailing list! In the world of direct mail campaigns, there's no bigger way to market your business and communicate with both new and current customers. These dimensions are the largest postcard available for printing and mailing. The same size as a sheet of office paper, the oversized postcard will often be wrapped around other mail, guaranteeing it'll be seen by everyone who goes to their mailbox. As long as your design and messaging work well with the postcard being wrapped in half, you should see good success from direct mail campaigns using this size postcard.

How to Design a Postcard

When designing your postcard, the first thing to keep in mind are the USPS guidelines for the positioning of addresses, barcodes, and postage. Postcards allow for a variety of creating designs and messages, but just make sure what you're doing isn't violating any USPS guideline. As long as your design sketch falls within those parameters, you've already completed the biggest hurdle!

The actual design of your postcard's message really is up to you. Our graphic design team here at Graphic Solutions would encourage you to brainstorm about who your recipients are and what message you're trying to get through to them. This should guide your marketing message strongly and help create a campaign that has a higher success rate.

Another tip when designing your postcard: include your return mailing address (if applicable) somewhere on the postcard. Not only does this help customers communicate with you easier after they've received the mailing piece, it also will help the post office return postcards that were deemed "undeliverable."

If your call-to-action doesn't involve sending something through the mail, consider including your website or the URL of a social media website you're trying to attract visitors to. This also creates a great way to measure the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign!


8 Tips for Your Postcard Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing gets all the attention in today's technology-driven world, however traditional marketing tactics are more relevant than ever. A direct mail campaign is one of these traditional marketing tactics often overlooked and forgotten by businesses who could really benefit from it.

Postcards are a low-cost, easy way to create leads, and eventually sales, from past, current, and new customers. Using a postcard - whether your design is vintage or modern - instead of standard mail is a better option in today's digital age because it's less common in today's marketing world thus creating fewer competitors, it doesn't require a recipient to open an envelope to see your message, and more easily invokes a response than other forms of mail.

Your next direct mail campaign using postcards is easy to setup and initiate quickly too. Without spending too much time or money, you can create your postcard, establish a mailing list, and get your company's message in the mail quickly. If you follow these eight marketing tips closely, your postcard campaign will maximize its return on investment (ROI) instead of just squeak by:

  1. Know exactly who your target audience is and direct the message toward them, nobody else. The more direct the marketing message is, the more likely you'll see a positive ROI.

  2. Go big, or go home. This motto not only applies to the different sized postcards you can choose, but the message of a postcard shouldn't be subtle or "quiet." Your mission is to capture somebody's attention and big concepts, messages, and images are the best way to do that.

  3. The simpler the message, the faster your recipients can act on it. At the same time, the point of your postcard should be easy for everyone to understand. Have a complicated set of instructions? A postcard probably isn't your best bet. Need to remind customer's to take advantage of a sale or renew an account? A postcard is the perfect medium.

  4. Grab the attention of your audience with short, fast, punchy headlines. You must "reel in" your audience before their attention gets pulled in another direction.

  5. Maximize your postcard's real estate. There are two sides to every single postcard, be creative when thinking about what design or messaging options you have on both sides.

  6. Grow your campaign with multiple messages on separate postcards. Don't limit yourself by thinking small with direct mail postcard campaigns. If you have multiple things to communicate to different sets of customers, spread them out over three or four postcards. You won't regret it!

  7. Entice your customers to act quickly! Giving them a reason to care sometimes gives them extra incentive to act in the first place. If there's no deal, sale, or expiration date involved, people may think they have better things to do with their time.

  8. Time your message accordingly. There's a season for everything, so make sure your message aligns with the appropriate time and season. Having a customer receive a message that's irrelevant to their specific situation is not only a waste of money, but a huge turn-off for future promotional materials you send to that customer.
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