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We supply your company with custom, durable metal nameplates for any industrial application. Aluminum, stainless steel, brushed metal, or a more flexible plate are just some of our stock materials. These can be etched or digitally printed and will provide value for years to come.

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We offer a variety of finishing processes that can enhance the value of your products, such as die cutting, embossing, sequential numbering, serial numbering, and doming. Aluminum or metal nameplates are recommended for indoor or outdoor applications where exposure to extreme temperatures, chemicals, solvents, lubricants, or severe weather conditions may occur. A full range of color possibilities are available if you are looking to add a professional look to your products, and we have the ability to setup the nameplate to be applied using a variety of methods, such as mechanical fasteners, studs, or adhesives.

From functional custom nameplates used for serialization to domed nameplates for an enhanced look, our vast array of manufacturing capabilities will enable you to choose the custom nameplate to suits your product best.

Types of Metal Nameplates we Manufacture:

  • Aluminum Nameplates
  • Brushed Metal Nameplates
  • Etched Nameplates
  • Embossed Nameplates
  • Equipment Nameplates


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