Promotional Products

Does your business need to think more creatively and think outside the box? Take advantage of a unique marketing opportunity by using your brand and logo to create a variety of different promotional products!

It's time for your business to consider partnering with Graphic Solutions, Inc. to increase your brand's exposure through the use of promotional products.

You can pull from our inventory to view and select the widest range of products available - everything from small pens to t-shirts and other apparel - and increase the number of times people see your brand's message on a daily basis.

But before you start the ordering process, let's make sure we cover the basics.

What Is a Promotional Product?

A promotional product - sometimes referred to as "ad specialties" - refers to any item imprinted with a company logo or slogan meant for distribution in order to promote that company, an organization, an event, or other products and services.

Some of the most common promotion products include t-shirts, mugs, squish balls, pens, and more. Just about anything that can have a logo or slogan printed on them - iPhone cases, flags, and coolers - is an option to be used as a promotional product for your company's general exposure or visitors to your company's next big event.

Not only do promotional products benefit customers and target audiences with their practical uses, they act as a constant awareness and marketing tool for your business!

The longer that pair of dice, t-shirt, or pen sits on somebody's desk, the more likely your business is to be top-of-mind when a purchase in your business vertical is needed.

About the Ad Specialty Industry

But just how valuable is this industry?

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute annual industry sales estimate, companies around the globe were buying promotional products at an extreme rate. Almost $19 billion in ad specialties were sold in 2012, which was up more than 6% from the previous year.

Promotional products can do wonders for your business and if you're not already investing in this print marketing vertical, chances are you're behind the eight ball because your competitors are.

This goes much further than decals and stickers: it's a multi-billion dollar industry that can keep your brand in the forefront of customer minds.

That's a priceless investment that should be at the top of your company's priority list.

The success of the promotional products industry is cemented in history. This isn't some new fad that will come and go.

Ad specialties date back as far as the late 1700s when George Washington created pins advertising him as the 1st President of the United States of America.

But the man who really got the industry off the ground lived in the mid 1800s, using marketing ideas that seem obvious to us today but at the time were revolutionary strategies helping to launch the multi-billion dollar industry we see today.

History of Promotional Products

That man's name? Jasper Freemont Meek.


Meek was just a regular businessman in Ohio who owned and operated a small newspaper.

To help make his business profitable, he would use the printing press in between editions of the newspaper to take on single, one-off jobs for people around town.

His printing press soon turned into a commercial print shop thanks to a novel promotional idea.

One day Meek observed a child drop school books on the street, getting them filthy with dirt and mud.

Suddenly, Meek had an idea to help advertise his friend's shoe business in unique way that had never been seen before.

He approached his friend about the idea of advertising his shoe shop, "Cantwell Shoes" by creating book bags for students carrying books around town.

What made these book bags special? Embroidered on them was a simple message: "Buy Cantwell Shoes." Any student who entered the shop would be given a bag for free.

Soon enough these bags - which acted as free advertisements - were all over town and the local shoe store became the "go-to" for any shoe apparel needs.

It wasn't long before Meek used that idea to start his own promotional products and advertising company, creating everything from branded book bags to horse covers to calendars.

The industry eventually evolved to printing on metal and other surfaces, expanding the options for promotional products anywhere and everywhere.

What Role Does Graphic Solutions Play?

In today's world already littered with promotional products, we play the role of Jasper Meek.

Our company proudly services the greater Chattanooga area with promotional products of all different types.

If you need help with an innovative idea, let our team work with you to find an ad specialty that works for both your business and its customers.

Since 1981 we've been in the promotional product business and helped local businesses here in Chattanooga more creatively market themselves.

Whether your business is here in Chattanooga or on the other side of the country, we can work with you to create an effective, creative promotional product campaign.

We have thousands of products at our disposable and can work with you to create a custom approach.

Promotional Products

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