Data-Based Research Library

The following collection of studies, experiments, and published data involve the printing and manufacturing industries. We've extracted the most important data from the professional research in order to visualize it and show the power of our industry and its products.


Promotional Products Generate New Business

A global 2012 survey, conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute, measured the impact promotional products can have on the average consumer. As it turns out, regardless of the promo item you distribute, consumers want these products, use them, and they may be the reason why your business gets new customers! Show me the data


Effect of New Jersey Decal Law on Crash Rates

This study collected accident rates involving probationary drivers after the state of New Jersey passed a law that required these new, young drivers to have an additional reddish-pink decal on their license plate. The results were astonishing: decals save lives. Show me the data


Top 19 Content Marketing Tactics of B2B Manufacturing Companies

Advertisers from outside the manufacturing industry probably look at content marketing possibilities for those companies as few and far between. Not so fast. There are plenty of creative content marketing tactics for B2B manufacturing companies to explore. Show me the data


Aggressive Drivers More Likely to Have Bumper Stickers

Our company prints a ton of bumper stickers each week, month, and year. Maybe we should think twice before we do another run of these "aggressive driver stickers"? Show me the data


Meat Labels Explained

Organic, Grass Fed, Certified Humane… what does it all mean? Don't worry, we've created a handy chart that lays out exactly what each of these labels mean (and more) for what exactly is in that burger you just ate. Show me the data


Political Ideology Affects Energy-Efficient Purchases

Does your home use energy-efficient lightbulbs in order to save money and protect the environment? Your answer to that question could say a lot about your political affiliations, and whether or not you tend to notice promotional stickers on packaging. Show me the data


Study Confirms the Effectiveness of Promotional Products

Have you ever doubted how effective free giveaways, handouts, and other promotional products are? Believe it or not, a recent study has proven just how effective these seemingly little, meaningless items can be. Show me the data


Car Stickers: A New Data Source for Demographics

We've all seen the little stickers in the backs of car windows. A Mom, Dad, kids, pets, and likely some sports and other extra-ciricular activities mixed in. But they're not just for fun: a professor in Australia used the stickers to get a feel for local demographics.
Show me the data


Egg Labels Aren't Telling the Whole Story

A 2014 survey conducted by one of the nation's healthiest supplier of eggs found that nearly everyone wants to purchase eggs that are healthy. Even if it costs a few more bucks! What the survey also found, however, is the labels on the egg cartons are causing more bad than good. Show me the data


U.S. Consumers Want to Purchase a 3D Printer

The 3D printing craze has somewhat died down, but the interest in this revolutionary manufacturing product isn't going anywhere. A survey published recently shows that many consumers would in fact consider buying one… for personal use! Show me the data

Front-of-Package Food Labels Are Deceiving the Nation

As it turns out, front-of-package labeling has more to do with advertising than it does help families purchase healthier foods. This experiment did a deep dive into the most common food advertised as "healthy" only to find some of the unhealthiest foods around. Show me the data