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How to prep, print and install decals

Ordering decals — really anything that’s printed — can be nerve-wracking. You’re not sure if the final product is going to match what’s in your head. So, we’ve assembled these resources to help you print your decals how you want them.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ordering and Shipping

What's your turnaround time?
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Our standard production time is 5-7 business days from the time of proof approval, but it could be sooner if you need the decals faster.

In comparison, the majority of our competitors offer 2-4 week delivery times, and cannot even guarantee that. We will work with you to get your decals in your hands when you need them.

How long does it take to get a quote?
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Once you submit a request, we’ll send you a quote in 12 hours or less.

How large of an order can you handle?
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We pride ourselves in serving customers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're a small-to-medium sized business or a large corporate entity, we can handle all of your printing and manufacturing needs.

Can you send me some samples?
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Certainly. Give us a call and we’ll be sure to send you some samples of the specific material or decal that you’re interested in, giving you a better understanding of the product you’re about to receive.

Can I see a sample of my decal before production begins?
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We print prototypes on a case-by-case basis. Talk to our Customer Service representatives if you would like to see a prototype of your decal before production begins.

Once my order is finalized, how many extra decals can you send?
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Each order will typically be produced with an overage, or a set amount of extra printed materials. Please let our Customer Service staff know if you’d prefer not to receive overages. These are strictly determined on a case-by-case basis. We will always communicate the potential for overages with you prior to your order.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?
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Our minimum order is $100.

Is rush production and delivery available?
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You bet! Depending on the type of job you need completed, we will do our best to adjust our production schedule to fit your need. We can rush production and delivery at your request.

Is international shipping available?
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Yes. No matter where you are, if you order decals from GoDecals.net, we’ll ship them to you.

Do you accept payment by credit card?
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Yes, we accept VISA, Mastercard, and American Express.

Will I see a proof before I pay?
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Yes, you will. Before we  begin the printing and manufacturing process, we'll ensure and finalize all aspects of the design, size, and other details.

Any hidden fees I should worry about?
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Nope. :-)

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What are your artwork requirements?
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All custom decal printing requires a digital file. While we have the capability to re-create digital files for you, it will save you time and money if you have a file that meets print standards prior to placing your order.

Our team would be happy to walk you through this information. All artwork must be at the size it will be printed. The following is a list of requirements:

  • CMYK color
  • 300-600 dpi
  • Acceptable file formats: PDF, PSD (Adobe Photoshop), AI (Adobe Illustrator), PDF, EPS, TIF, or JPG (300-600 dpi)
  • Mac or PC
  • Acceptable Software Apps: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
  • Please convert all fonts to outlines in Adobe Illustrator prior to submitting your artwork. This can be done by right-clicking on the type font within Adobe Illustrator and selecting "Convert to Outlines"
Do you require a CMYK setup for artwork files?
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Yes, the color mode of all print-ready files must be set to CMYK. We can match an RGB file to the best of our ability, but it is much easier to color match in CMYK.

When designing your vinyl decal or sign, begin in CMYK to avoid any surprises in color once you receive the finished product.

However, it is important to remember that your final decal cut-line may need to be adjusted to accommodate for the cutter being used.

How should I setup my artwork?
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CMYK and 300 dpi. But you can contact our Customer Service team to discuss your artwork, and if it’s not right, we’ll be happy to assist you.

Can you help me set up the artwork?
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We can. It's common for clients to ask us for help setting up the artwork for printing or even have our graphic design team create a decal's layout from scratch.

Are there any restrictions on content that can be printed?
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GoDecals.net does not have the rights to print trademarked or copyrighted images or logos. If you wish to print copyrighted or trademarked content, you must first receive permission from the owner.

We also reserve the right to use discretion when printing profane or vulgar content. Any order that is deemed inappropriate will not be printed and the customer will receive a full refund.

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What kind of vinyl do you use for your decals?
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There are two main types of vinyl decal materials: cast and calendered.

Cast vinyl is a premium, high-performance vinyl because of its durability and conformance characteristics. It costs more than calendered vinyl, but is preferred for long-term applications that require increased durability. A typical cast vinyl will generally have a outdoor lifespan of five to eight years.

Calendered vinyl is a lower-cost decal material. While still a high-quality product, it is most often used for shorter-term applications such as promotional materials that do not require increased durability. This vinyl material will typically last three to five years if located somewhere exposed to the elements.

How do you print and manufacture your decals?
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Our decal printing and manufacturing process is simple and easy for you, the customer. First, just contact us - either by email or phone - and let us know what type of decal you're looking for, how many you need, and when you'd like them delivered.

Next, we'll take the design files you sent us and prepare them for printing. If you don't have any design files, or are still crafting your decal's design, our design team would be happy to assist you. Before sending to the print shop, we'll send you a preview file to ensure the design looks the way you imagined.

With the files now prepared for print, the design will be printed using the appropriate machine - either a digital or screen printer - and we'll begin the printing process.

After creating all of your decals, our shop will notify you that the product is ready and being shipped.

Do you have a standard steel rule die I could use?
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Yes, we have a variety of pre-sized dies to get the perfect cut for your decals and stickers. Even your custom decal that is a unique size and shape: once you pay for the purchase of the die, you won't need to pay for the die a second, third, fourth time when you come back to order more!

Do your stickers have a matte or gloss finish?
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That's up to you! If we print your stickers normally, it will come out of the printer with a matte look. If you'd like a glossy appearance, just let us know when you order.

Are your decals removable?
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Sure! Unless you're using one of our atomic stick decals, all of our decals can be removed fairly easily. However, in order to prevent damage to both the sticker and the surface it has adhered to, follow Bart's directions in this helpful walkthrough video.

How durable are your products?
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All of our standard vinyl decals are printed with a permanent adhesive and 3 mil calendered vinyl. They have a six-year durability rating, and with lamination, that durability increases.

Our team will help you figure out what the best material to use for your decal will be after learning more about your project and your desired application. All decals are weatherproof and fade resistant. We also have more durable adhesives and laminations available.

What are the ideal conditions for adhering a decal or sticker to a surface?
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While our decals are weatherproof, a "room temperature" setting is the best condition to adhere a sticker a typical surface. Unless the surface is soaking wet, your products will adhere in nearly any conditions.

What size bumper stickers can you print?
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If it's bumper stickers you're looking for, we are capable of printing all the standard sizes and shapes.

Can you create decals with designs that feature white ink?
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Yes, white ink is not a problem. We can apply white ink by using a screen printer or one of the best, state-of-the-art digital printers we have in our print shop.

Will my labels come on a roll or a sheet?
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It's up to you! We print both roll labels and sheet labels, so we'll send your custom labels order in whatever format you choose.

Do you ever laminate your printed products?
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When our client requests it, we can place a thin laminate layer on top of the decal to give it a sleek, glossy look. This layer also increases the stickers durability.

Do I have to pay for the die again if I re-order the same decal?
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No. That is a one-time fee. Our goal is to make the re-order process as easy as possible for our customers.

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What is "GoDecals.net"?
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GoDecals.net is a printing company based in Hixson, Tennessee. We have over 30 years of printing experience, from custom vinyl decals to die cut decals to screen printed posters and more. Most importantly, we are real people who desire to form a relationship with our clients. Our goal is to provide the best possible customer service and the best possible product at all times.

Do you guarantee your product quality?
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We promise to produce the best quality product possible, and will work closely with you to determine the best solution to any problem you may be having with your current vinyl decals. We bring over 30 years of printing experience to the table, and have a graphic design team on staff to help you with layout and design.

Does your company belong to any associations or groups?
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Yes, we're proud members of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers.

Do you print anything other than decals?
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Decals and stickers are just the beginning! Our print shop has expertise in a variety of printed products. Some other popular products we print and manufacture are custom magnets, signs, brochures, promotional products, multi-part forms, and car flags. Visit Flywheel Brands for more info.

Why should I place my decal order with you?
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We are real people who are willing to walk you through the decal ordering process and provide the absolute best customer service. We print, manufacture, and ship only the highest-quality decals and stand behind our products 100%. If you aren’t satisfied with your order, we’ll make it right.


How To Apply a Die Cut Decal or Sticker

Watch as Go Decals representative Bart Simpson expertly applies a clear vinyl decal.

Our "Atomic Stick" Adhesive

Low surface energy plastics are notorious for resisting decals. Learn about how our proprietary adhesive sticks to almost any surface.

How We Manufacture Die Cut Decals

A short step-by-step video on how decals are made using steel rule dies.


Atomic Stick Decal

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Atomic Stick is the phrase we coined for our ultra-strong, permanent adhesive decals. Our unique formula creates an adhesive that's three-times stronger than your average decal, sticker, or label. If you need to stick a decal to a rough surface or want to be absolutely sure your decal will stick forever, the atomic stick decal is for you.

Bleed Line

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To make a piece of print look "full bleed", it needs to have artwork that extends beyond the cutline and to the bleed line. That way, when the document is cut down to size, it will have printing edge to edge.


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Stands for the four inks -- Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black -- that printers use to create the color spectrum.


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A file resolution unit of measurement that stands for "dots per inch". This refers to the number of dots, or pixels, in an image. Generally, the higher the DPI the better, as this gives the image more detail.

A typical internet image is 72 dpi, which is not nearly high enough to recreate a quality decal. For an image to convert properly to a vinyl decal or sign, the file resolution must be at least 300 dpi. Your file will need to be recreated if it is not 300 dpi or higher.

Simply changing the dpi will not work, as a digital file does not look sharp if pixels are added to an image where they weren’t before. It is important that your original file is 300 dpi or higher.

Die Cut Decal

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Die cut decals, or custom-shaped decals, are that are not shaped like a circle, square, oval, or rectangle. The cut-line is typically represented by a magenta line in a proof setup. Thanks to technological innovation, most of our printers have the capability of producing extremely intricate cut-lines.

Digital Proof

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A mockup of what your artwork will look like once it's been printed onto a decal.

Domed Decal

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A domed decal is a vinyl decal with a thick layer of polyurethane over it, which gives the decal a three-dimensional, or domed, effect. This also adds durability to the decal and gives it a high-value appeal, making your product stand out from your competition.


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Stands for the "Pantone Matching System." It's a library of color inks that are used in screen printing. Unlike CMYK, which is printed using tiny dots of color, pantone inks are like paint and produce a smooth, rich color when applied to a material.


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Stands for red, green, and blue. Those are the three colors computers use to render the color spectrum on your screen. Note that RGB has the capacity to render brighter, more vibrant colors than is possible through CMYK.

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