Why You Need Custom Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are a unique way to catch attention and direct people. Whether used to guide employees, inform consumers or build attention and excitement for an event, floor graphics are an interesting and attractive application of custom vinyl stickers.

To ensure a firm bond and the durability to handle heavy foot traffic, our Floor Graphics are printed on our standard decal material and given a slightly textured laminated finish. Depending on the use or application of the floor decal, we can print on removable, permanent, or super-sticky adhesive decal material.

While some may think placing a large sticker on the floor is useless, these graphics can grab the attention of customers.

How We Print Vinyl Floor Graphics

When it comes to designing and printing floor graphics, we want to make sure that our floor stickers meet and exceed your personal expectations. One of the questions we will ask is, “in what environment will you be applying these graphics?” Knowing this information will allow us to create floor graphics that will best fit your needs.

There are multiple materials and adhesive options available for floor stickers.  We can print them on white or colored vinyl materials, and they can have a variety of adhesive options.

Our printing capabilities range from screen printing to state-of-the-art digital printing.

Looking for something else? Try our custom roll labels, sheet labels, door magnets, or window clings.

With any of our custom printing, we guarantee that you will not receive better service or a better products elsewhere.

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Carefully Apply Your Floor Decal

Let's face it, the part of your office that attracts the most dirt every day is not your computer keyboard, it's your floor. So when applying your floor decals to the your floor, you must make sure there is no dirt or debris on the surface of your floor, otherwise your floor graphics will not stick.

Once the floor is clean, it is time to peel and stick your decal and apply it to the surface of your floor. To do this, position the decal on the surface of the floor rotating it to the best angle that makes it easiest for the public to read. Then, peel approximately one inch of the backing away from the decal, pressing it down to the floor. This will allow you to "tack" the decal to the floor while you check the angle one last time before applying the entire decal to the surface of the floor.

Once the decal has been applied, to the surface of the floor you might see air bubbles (this is normal). Simply poke them with a needle or pin and then press the air towards the hole you poked in the decal. This will allow the air bubble too to deflate through the hole and then disappear.

Floor Graphics

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